About Me

This is me, just one guy. I was buying dead cheap nutrition products on Ebay, happy days, then one day I bought the same product that I always buy from the same seller that I always use, and it clearly didn’t taste as it should. I looked a bit deeper into the situation and discovered that there are a lot of fake sports supplements on the market.

I found a direct route from the manufacturers of a lot of my favourite products and I’m just here to pass that on to you, my prices are virtually the same as what I am paying the wholesaler, I’m not here to get rich, I know that’s not going to happen. its a crowded market and I can’t compete with a lot of the stuff being given away on Ebay, I’m not even sure how they can do it knowing the wholesale prices.

Its taking me time to add products around my day to day life, so bear with, I can get hold of most things now, so if you don’t see what you want, let me know and I will prioritise adding it to the shop.

Thanks for coming to visit my website, I appreciate your time. and hopefully I can help you out in the future. Steve.